Superfine Body Scrub
Superfine Body Scrub
Superfine Body Scrub
Superfine Body Scrub

Superfine Body Scrub

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Wallow in luxury with our face and body sugar scrubs. From dreamy lavender, to invigorating Citrus, there's a perfect scent for every special pampering moment.

Slough off dead skin cells, inviting new cell growth and vibrant skin. The gentle upward, circular strokes used while using a sugar scrub stimulate lymphatic flow, which helps strengthen the immune system. The specific oils that we infuse our scrubs with are perfect for achieving the moisture needed for vibrant, young looking skin and nourishing the face and body for healthier skin.

Each scent is infused with therapeutic grade essential oils that both nurture the body and stimulate the senses.

Lavender brings a sense of calm and relaxation and helps promote a good nights' sleep.

Citrus is invigorating and encourages energy and vitality.

Coffee encourages alertness and stimulates activity.

Fall Bliss is reminiscent of hot apple cider on a crisp windy day and delicious pumpkin pie fresh from grandma's kitchen. Offered once a year during this special season we all long for and available for a limited time, while supplies last. 

Now available in two sizes: 4 oz. and 8 oz.

INGREDIENTS: pure cane sugar, organic virgin coconut oil, organic extra virgin olive oil, raw organic shea butter, vitamin E oil, and a proprietary blend of essential oils or coffee.

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