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Pixxy Dust

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Make Bath Time Fun!

Add a little magic to your child's bathing routine. Just a spoonful is all you need to make this daily necessity fun and something for your child to look forward to. Each spoonful creates a swirling fizz and a burst of natural fragrance! 

All of the ingredients are therapeutic by nature. They help purify the water, add a little magnesium, and help create a special and memorable experience, depending on the scent:

Lavender helps promote relaxation and rest

Citrus helps promote focus and happiness

Fall Bliss evokes joy and delightful memories

DIRECTIONS: Add a spoonful to the bath just before your child steps into the tub or shower. Watch the magical swirl, hear the tantalizing sizzle, and smell the fairy kingdom!

INGREDIENTS: Sodium bicarbonate, epson salts, baking soda, therapeutic grade essential oils* (cinnamon, clove, ginger, nutmeg, wild orange, lime, lemon, lemongrass, lavender), extra virgin olive oil*, distilled water, beet root powder, ground cinnamon*.
*certified organic

Includes birchwood spoon.

All organic* ingredients so you don't have to be concerned about harmful chemicals.
* Or approved for use in organic formulations. These ingredients are organic by nature.