Our Story

What can I say......I love pure, fresh and organic! 

I grew up on the beaches of Southern California and have always loved the outdoors. Our family of 6 children (I'm the oldest) would pack it up in our beater Chevy truck and head to the beach at least once a week every summer, and often times in January when the inevitable Santa Ana winds would kick up and bring in 90° temperatures and perfect waves. Some of my favorite places were small coves in South Laguna where we were very secluded and pretended like it was exclusively ours. These are the fondest memories of growing up that I will always treasure. And every time I ride a wave, it takes me right back to those treasured moments of pure bliss.

I have my own children now, 4 girls, and beach trips have always been a part of our plans, even despite moving out of state a couple of times. As a lover of tea and having owned a tea house in Redlands, CA, I brought my girls up with daily afternoon teas, tea parties and picnics. Our favorite was always Earl Grey with lots of cream and sugar, and always accompanied by a special fresh made treat like shortbread, small sandwiches or scones made with fresh herbs from our garden.

Bergamot Cove brings together the sum of my passions: the joys of my life, my girls, and  taking time to enjoy tea with them (as well as with friends and customers); and, the beach, with all it's recollections of wonderful memories. Small, obscure coves conjure up immediate emotions of rest, peace, joy and sunshine ~ all things we need to feed the soul. And that is the experience we want our customers to have when they visit our store.

While we are, at this point, mainly online, we have plans to open stores across the country that would offer an array of wonderful things that help make life really good. We believe that includes body care products made exclusively with organic ingredients that both nurture the body and preserve the planet.

Our current product line includes medicinals that help heal the body and personal care products that help nurture the body. In keeping with our standards of truly healthful living, all of our products are made with 100% certified organic ingredients, support sustainable and fair trade practices, are Non-GMO, Vegetarian, Gluten-Free and Cruelty Free. We hope this brings you joy.....knowing that you are putting the very best on your body without compromise; peace.....finding comfort in knowing that your are supporting a healthy planet; and that it brightens your day.....because you can confidently know that you are doing something good for you.....and for the movement.

Thanks for supporting this growing trend of a whole, organic lifestyle, and sharing with others to help bring really good living to all! We wish you the very best and hope that we can play a small part in that quest.

Dodi Mounce
Founder | CEO